I immediately felt comfortable with Mr Panayi, as he has a calm, friendly and caring manner. He clearly explained the treatment options, pros and cons of each, the risks and recovery. All my concerns and questions were answered fully and and without rushing. In addition, he and Amy (private secretary) went to great lengths to arrange the surgery to fit in with my needs; a mean feat against the background of Covid-19. I feel confident that we shall achieve the best possible outcome.
Anonymous, London
My husband and I are indebted to Mr Athanasias for his care and support after our miscarriages. He enabled us to get all the investigations we wanted carried out, listening to our concerns and offering encouragement and advice. When falling pregnant again, it was anxious time but Mr Athanasias gave us the reassurance we needed through additional scans and throughout all of our appointments we never felt rushed but instead felt that time was taken to explain things and answer all of our questions. Mr Athanasias prescribed us with a combination of medication which proved successful for us and we are now proud parents of a beautiful baby girl! We cannot rate Mr Athanasias highly enough!
Lavinia, CheamRecurrent miscarriages

I have seen Mr Panayi several times over the past 18 months for a bladder condition. It was such a relief to find a specialist who was knowledgeable and reassuring. He took plenty of time listening to my symptoms and booked me for a cystoscopy to confirm his diagnosis. His calm, sympathetic approach really put me at my ease and allowed me to see a path to recovery. He also referred me to a women’s health physio to help with related pelvic floor issues. I highly recommend Mr Panayi and can’t thank him enough for seeing me through a very challenging time.

Anonymous, LondonPainful bladder syndrome

Although I see Mr Panyai privately this is the first time I had a telephone consultation due to the present problem concerning chronic UTIs. The appointment was made on short notice due to the urgency & I was given a urgent appointment & Mr Panayi phoned us on time listened to all my problems & explained to me clearly & took his time to explain everything & his secretary Amy hand-delivered the prescription due to the postal delays. Well done Amy.

Marie, Epsom Urinary tract infections (UTI)

Mr Panayi was calm and professional and that really helped set me at ease particularly having to discuss something I felt was embarrassing. He explained the options clearly and I was able to make an informed decision. I have just had my six week check up after surgery and am very pleased – I feel like I have my body back again!

Anonymous, CheamPelvic organ prolapse

Mr Demetri Panayi seemed very knowledgable and understanding of my high-grade dyskaryosis condition. He could describe my symptoms even before I expressed them myself. He made me feel very safe in his care, and very at ease. He seemed hugely sympathetic and compassionate when discussing the pain I have been in for so long. I finally have hope that my condition will improve with his support.

Anonymous, Overactive bladder

Mr Panayi was highly professional and knowledgeable. He quickly homed in on a course of action, and I feel confident in the advice I received from him. He was also sensitive and caring with a problem that has caused me some distress in recent months. I wish I had made an appointment to see him earlier!

Anonymous, LondonPelvic organ prolapse

I was recommended to Mr Panayi by a friend and have been treated very well, finding him very approachable and thorough. In making a decision to undergo surgery I feel very well informed and comfortable that I am being looked after by someone who genuinely wants to offer the best options available to me but also takes care to listen to any concerns I may have. I feel that I been treated with great empathy which has been very important and makes me feel very positive about further treatment.

Deborah F, Prolapse and chronic bladder inflammation

Finding Mr Panayi was such a relief – to have someone that understood all the issues and could present multiple options to me in a clam, considered and human way. I finally felt that someone was listening and could help me. I’ll be forever grateful to him.

Anonymous, LondonPelvic organ prolapse and Chronic pelvic pain

The pre and post care was outstanding. I was a very nervous patient but Mr Panayi reassured me throughout the process and i always felt in safe hands and my surgery was a great success. His secretary Amy was also very helpful and responsive. Thank you both for looking after me so well.


I met Dr Athanasias at St Anthony’s Hospital for a check up and a scan further to having been diagnosed with an ovarian cyst.

I was impressed by Dr Athanasias’ professionalism.

I am thankful and have no doubt in recommending Dr Athanasias to women with gynaecological problems.

Kornelia, SurreyOvarian cyst

I have been seeing Mr Panayi for the last 3/4 years with bladder problems. He performed a prolapse of the bladder repair about 3 years ago. The operation went well but I was unwell when I was home. I was told to go back to St Anthony’s hospital on Bank Holiday Monday and he came to see what he could do. I was very grateful and impressed that he would give up his time on a Bank Holiday. I have seen him on and off for the last couple of years. He has always been very professional and helpful always explaining the various options in great detail. I have every confidence in him and would recommend him to anyone with urinary problems.

Jayne B, Cheam, SurreyVaginal prolapse, urinary incontinence, voiding problems

Very reassuring to see consultant before and post procedure. Reiterated that if I had any concerns it would be no trouble for him to see me etc. Had a really helpful secretary who was well informed and extremely helpful.

Anonymous, Pelvic organ prolapse

I was referred to see Mr Panayi, after a previous gynaecological operation with a different specialist had failed.

From the first point of contact with his secretary Amy, to seeing Mr Panayi in outpatients and being admitted for my operation, I can only say what a seamless, easy experience it all was.

Amy was very helpful liaising with my insurance company for me, expediting my outpatients appointment and arranging my hospital admission.

I found Mr Panayi to be a kind, caring person, who listened to my concerns and he alleviated any stresses I had over the coming surgery. He took as much time as needed to explain the procedure and the outcome to me.

The operation was a great success and I haven’t felt this well in years.

Great outcome, I would fully recommend Mr.Panayi.

Anne G, Repeat vaginal prolapse repair

I have been extremely pleased with the consultations, explanations and ultimately treatments for dyskaryosis suggested by Mr Panayi. Everything has been explained fully with plenty of time to discuss any queries or worries and I have felt supported, in a previously ongoing and rather uncomfortable condition.


I would like to thank Dr. Panayi (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Subspecialist Urogynaecologist) and his personal assistant Amy for the fantastic and friendly care and service they have given me during my troubles from September 2015 to February 2016!

I had been feeling pain and discomfort for a longer period of time (3 years) but it was in September 2015 when I met Dr. Demetri C Panayi for the first time when I actually got help and someone finally listened and understood me. Dr. Panayi is a dedicated professional with a great sense of compassion. From the first appointment until now I have been able to get help through seeing him or by e-mailing him. Dr. Panayi’s personal assistant Amy has also been a very friendly and helpful person through my struggle and it has felt so secure to have these two lovely persons by my side. They even helped me to ensure that my Easter holiday would be a success by fixing an antibiotics prescription for me for just in case of emergency.

I have gone through 2 cystoscopies and 1 hysteroscopy with Dr. Panayi (Parkside Hospital) and 1 Laparoscopy with Dr. Athanasias (Spire St. Anthony’s Hospital). All of the procedures have been taken care of with the highest of quality, professionalism and discretion and  the best part is that the consultants have a great sense of humor which makes every appointment a positive and nice experience. Thanks to Dr. Panayi and Dr. Athanasias I have got my “life” back and therefore I can truly recommend these two consultants to everyone!


Maria W, WimbledonPelvic Pain, Chronic bladder inflammation, Overactive bladder

Following on from my final appointment with Mr Athanasias on Tuesday evening, I would like to express my infinite thanks to him for all that he has done.

From my initial consultation I felt at ease as he explained things in a way that was easily understood and finally acceptable to me.

Despite the operation being such a major procedure I have experienced virtually no pain and only very little discomfort.

Due to his patience, knowledge, articulation and, ultimately, his overall skill I couldn’t have asked for a better Consultant. Once again, I thank you.

Michelle, LondonPelvic pain

Mr. Panayi is calm, patient, confident and knowledgeable. I opted for surgery which went very smoothly and the result was a complete success. He is obviously very experienced and extremely skilled at what he does. I am very grateful to him.

Anonymous, Pelvic organ prolapse

I felt happy to explain all my symptoms to Mr Athanasias, who spent an incredible amount of time going through all options available to me, he was very informative and I was comfortable with his recommendations and my choices. My operation was carried out swiftly and my recovery was problem free. Mr Athanasias listened and provided solutions even outside of his area of expertise and my life has certainly changed for the better.

Paula, SuttonMenorrhagia, pelvic pain

Mr Athanasias is a courteous and sensitive doctor who I turned to following nearly ten months of irregular and heavy bleeding. He soon identified the cause and guided me through various options to ensure that the best possible solution was reached. I am very grateful to Mr Athanasias and will continue to refer to him for any future gynaecological check ups.

Harriet, LondonIrregular vaginal bleeding

I was unfortunate enough to develop simple hyperplasia last year and was referred to Mr Athanasias to discuss my treatment options. I would not hesitate to recommend any woman with a gynaecological problem to seek his help. I felt extremely lucky that he was my consultant at a difficult time for me, and just hope he doesn’t move on from my area in case I should ever need his expertise in the future!

Jackie, SurreyEndometrial hyperplasia

Dr Panayi is a fantastic specialist. I was desperate to get some help and saw many other doctors. Then I found Dr. Panayi and from the first visit he was very supportive and understanding. He straight away gave me a short term solution for my pain as well as recommended a long term approach. So I really felt taken care of. Doctor is truly passionate about what he does and I felt very confident in his diagnosis. I have previously spend over a year struggling with a bladder inflammation and was getting mixed information elsewhere. But with Dr Panayi and his wonderful and attentive assistant I now feel million times better and I trust I can count on him in the future. Book your appointment today!

Anonymous, Urinary tract infections (UTI)

Dr Panayi makes you feel at ease to discuss difficult and embarrassing issues. He explains the procedures available thoroughly and with honesty. He has a calm and professional manner who cares about his patients.

Anonymous, Pelvic organ prolapse

Mr Athanasias was a pleasure to deal with when I was at my lowest point constantly having to deal with gynaecological issues and recurrent miscarriages. His warm approach and calmness helped me through a very difficult time and I am thoroughly grateful to him for everything.

Sandra, SurreyIrregular bleeding, recurrent miscarriages

Mr Panayi was very welcoming and good at putting me at ease. He was extremely knowledgeable and listened intently to my questions and answers. I feel confident he will be able to help me and am looking forward to getting my life back to normal with his help. Thank you so much, you have given me hope that I can improve my condition.

Anonymous, Overactive bladder
I have been seeing Mr Panayi for a bladder prolapse for a few years now. I have opted to go a non-surgical route. I have a device which is changed every 6 months and Mr Panayi makes this as quick and comfortable as possible. He has always given good advice in a non-hurried and friendly manner. He is both approachable and very professional. I highly recommend.
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Catherine, LondonBladder prolapse

A rare encounter indeed to see a Dr with such exceptional interpersonal skills. Mr Panayi listened. Having been so fearful, he reassured, informed and somehow normalised something that was very traumatic to me. He provided immediate help and we are now on a solutions-based pathway.


I found my consultation with Mr Panayi extremely helpful. I had been experiencing considerable discomfort and associated anxiety for several months and I was not hopeful of finding a solution. However, Mr Panayi listened to my concerns, explained my symptoms very clearly and gave me confidence that I was sufficiently well informed to make the right choice for the way ahead. Brilliant!!


After seeing various GP’s at my surgery with low abdominal pain, I saw Mr Panayi at St Anthony’s. The cause of the pain was diagnosed and the condition is being successfully treated. Patient care from Mr Panayi, and also his secretary Amy, is excellent. Highly recommended.

Anonymous, Low abdominal pain

I have been a patient of Mr Panayi for a number of years. He always listens attentively to my explanation of my symptoms and uses his considerable professional knowledge to offer advice and help to me at each consultation. His professional care has been at all times exceptional. His kind, considerate and caring approach has helped to make my treatment more effective.

Also his support staff,  particularly his secretary, have always been most helpful and considerate.

Jenny, St Anthony's Hospital, LondonRecurrent urinary tract infections, bladder pain and a prolapse

‘I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Panayi for the care, attention and treatment that he has given me over the past 6+ years. I have been seeing Mr Panayi during this time for recurring bladder issues.

When I first started seeing Mr P, I had already seen three other specialist consultants over a period of 5+ years but was still having chronic bladder inflammation and pain. At that point the condition impacted my quality of life and my ability to consistently work. I was in my early twenties and was fed up of pain, treatments not working and being unwell. Mr P took a very different approach to treatment of the condition and I very quickly saw great results and through less invasive treatments than I had previously endured! Although it’s not always been plain sailing and pain-free, I have seen a dramatic change in how my condition effects my life and ability to be ‘normal’.

Mr P has always been professional but personable and makes the extra effort to make sure that you are comfortable and clear on current status, treatment options and goals for the future. I have never been great talking about ‘sensitive’ or personal matters but he has always made sure that I am comfortable and not embarrassed. When things flare up he always makes space in his schedule to see me to make sure that I am getting the treatment required ASAP. He’s also available on the phone for any urgent questions, concerns or queries.

I also want to say a big thanks to Amy Foskett-Jones (Mr Panayi’s Secretary) who is also a complete star! She’s quick to respond to emails or calls and getting space in the schedule for appointments. She’s very friendly and professional and handles my questions and concerns!’

Clare, LondonRecurring bladder issues

I had a third degree tear after a forceps delivery of my first baby. Unfortunately the initial stitches broke down leaving a gaping wound which limited all my bending movements due to pain: which made caring for my new baby very difficult. After contacting Mr Athanasias’ secretary he saw me in clinic the same day and was very kind and professional explaining everything clearly and giving me a plan of action. After a course of antibiotics he repaired the wound, fitting me in at the start of his theatre list to minimise any delays to me breastfeeding my baby. He continued to follow me up regularly until the wound had completely healed and gave me practical advice along the way about how best to encourage healing and what activities to avoid. He was accessible whenever I had any concerns and I am very grateful for his kindness and patience from beginning to end of this process.

Sophia, SuttonChildbirth injury

I cannot say how incredibly grateful I am that one of my doctors at Brocklebank suggest I consult with Mr. Panayi.

Living with a chronic condition is difficult enough; finding  someone who not only understands the problem but listens and most importantly gives you time, is invaluable.

I have struggled for many years, and for the first time in a very long time, feel reassurance and even hope.  He has a warm and friendly manner and a genuine interest in what I am going through. Treatment options are discussed in a clear way, nothing is rushed and you have time to think it through.  There is no one size fits all approach – which I hate.

I now feel that I can not only be treated – but possibly even cured.

I cannot recommend Mr. Panayi highly enough.  If only I had seen him years ago.

Anna C, Longstanding urinary tract infections/severe bladder inflammation

Last year, after suffering from ongoing lower abdomen pains and concerns that I had endometriosis, Mr Athanasias performed a laparoscopy on me. From the initial consultation to the operation itself, Mr Athanasias was incredibly helpful, friendly and professional. I had seen a number of consultants already to rule out bowel conditions and it was refreshing to be seen be somebody who really listened to me and genuinely cared. He explained the process in detail and then straight after the operation, took me through the photographs of his findings to explain everything to me. Fortunately I did not have endometriosis but he found a small cyst in my Fallopian Tube and some adhesions which he successfully removed. I recovered well from the operation and at my follow up consultation Mr Athanasias went through all the details with me. I am now 25 weeks pregnant with my first baby which is extremely exciting. I will be truly grateful to Mr Athanasias for the fantastic service he gave me and would highly recommend him to any women who need to undergo gynaecological operations.

Sheridan, WallingtonPelvic pain
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