The Advantages of Seeking Private Medical Care

22 March 2017    by - Dr Pandelis Athanasias

With patient waiting times for NHS appointments steadily increasing, it is easy to see why there is now, more than ever, a desire for high-quality, private healthcare.

When it comes to your health, time is of the essence. Medical professionals regularly champion the notion that early detection of health problems can save your life, so it is important to be seen by the right doctor as soon as you think something is wrong.

Private Medical Care

Easy, quick appointments

With cuts to spending and fewer staff availability, NHS waiting times are expected to rise. The availability of private clinics to see and treat patients quickly helps take some of the burdens off the public sector, whilst also offering a highly convenient service to local communities.

Being able to see a doctor on the same day lessens unease and offers greater flexibility, which can prove particularly useful for students, people with full-time jobs, or those who have children to care for.

Specialist care

Many private health clinics offer a range of specialist treatments which may not be available through the NHS. Moreover, patients are often given choice with regard to their medical consultant, ensuring that they are seen by a medical professional that they are happy with.

At London Women’s Centre, we work closely with a number of community-based private GP practices across the UK. Roseneath Medical Practice is a leading GP clinic in the South-West, offering premium healthcare at your convenience, seven days a week.

Our working relationship is based on the fact that Roseneath value the importance of continuity of care, with the same doctors being assigned to patients. Roseneath is also a dispensing practice, which means that after most appointments, the clinic can provide patients with the medicine they need, allowing for a convenient, one-stop experience.

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