A “Game Changing” Laser Treatment for Vaginal Atrophy

23 March 2017    by - Dr Demetri C Panayi

Many women suffer from vaginal atrophy, also referred to as vulvo-vaginal atrophy (VVA) or atrophic vaginitis. This is a condition which causes thinning and drying of the vaginal walls, resulting in a variety of symptoms such as vaginal soreness or itching, vaginal discharge, discomfort or pain during intercourse and frequent water infections. The disease often causes stress, anxiety and embarrassment and may adversely affect your personal life and relationships.

Vaginal atrophy occurs when the body fails to produce enough oestrogen, occurring most commonly after menopause when the cells in the vagina lack hydration and nourishment. However, the condition may occur at other times, such as in the years leading up to menopause or after removal of both of the ovaries. It can also occur after treatments such as radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hormonal treatments for breast cancer.

A diagnosis can be made by your GP or a specialist Gynaecologist by examining the vaginal area. Traditional treatment for vaginal atrophy is through hormonal therapy. However, many women are not eligible for this or are simply not willing to take the risks associated with this kind of treatment. Now, thanks to innovative laser technology, vaginal atrophy can be prevented and fixed in a safe, pain-free way.

Laser therapy for vaginal rejuvenation

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A game-changing laser treatment for vaginal atrophy and rejuvenation has now been introduced with outstanding results. The MonaLisa Touch® laser therapy acts by reshaping and regenerating the atrophic vaginal tissue, stimulating the production of collagen and thus restoring the healthy functionality of the vagina, without the side effects of oestrogen.

MonaLisa Touch® is a minimally invasive, pain-free procedure with little downtime. Normally no anaesthesia is required and the sensation felt is simply a light vibration. Post-treatment, most women report a significant reduction in vaginal dryness, burning, urinary symptoms and pain during sex, therefore improving quality of life for many women.

Mr Athanasias has advanced expertise in the treatment of vulval and vaginal disorders and performs this pioneer laser treatment at 25 Harley Street.



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